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White Fungus Cal

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White Fungus Cal Botanical Beverage Mix of Passion Fruit + with White Fungus Extract

All In One Glass!

  • Sweet Dreams
  • Healthy Bone & joints
  • Younger Skin


Sleep is both necessary and universal, like eating and drinking, without it we will eventually die, Sleep Is affected by various psychosocial factors, stress, daily routine, and it similarly affects all areas of life. Sleep is reported to be an important mediator of health through the autonomic nervous and Immune system and endocrine function.


L-ormnithine is a relaxing amino acid that helps your body to eliminate ammonia in the gut (excess Ammonia cause stressful feelings). Some people sleep much better with L-ornithine, L-ornithine Supplemention has the potential to relieve stress and improve sleep quality related to fatigue, both objective and subjective.

Aquamin F: Natural Minerals from Red Algae

An interesting mineral Aquamin F, is derived from red algae harvested off the coasts of Ireland and Iceland. Aquamin has been shown to contain calcium, magnesium, potassium and other Important minerals (often in trace amounts) and Aquamin is often promoted for uses to support bone integrity, joint health and mobility.

The pre-clinical study is interesting because they suggest the minerals in Aquamin that are derived from red algae may have anti-inflammatory, cell signaling, and osteogenie effects. Studies also shown Aquamin may reduce the pain and stiffness of Osteoarthritis of the knee.

TrebeauteTM White Fungus Extract

It is said that white fungus extract (Jelly Fungi) is the secret of beauty of ancient chinese palace women. Based on the record of chinese ancient medicine name as “Qing Jin Yao Fang”, “Yu Yao Yuan Fang” and “Tai Ping Sheng Hui Fang” the natural white fungus has the effect of moisting skin.

It was a palace tribute in Tang and Song Dynasty. It is said The Imperatric Yang Kui Fei who was one of the most beautiful ancient chinese women took the white fungus as treasure of oral beauty.

Benefits of White Fungus Extract

  • Gastricmucosa Repair - It has a good film formation which can form a film outside of the gastric surface protecting mucosa being damaged from gastric acid, gastric Protease and alcohol.
  • Constipation - White fungus is a good factor which boosts the growth of bifidobacterium of intestinal tract. It is good for the Bifidobacterium to prevent from constipation.
  • Beauty - The white fungus can improve the activity of Keratin cell and the SOD while decreasing the MDA of skin cell by vitro experiment.
  • Weight Control - White Fungus also has the effect of losing weight and decreasing the fat accumulation. 


Passion Fruit Juice Powder, Aquamin F Seaweed Calcium, L-Ornithine, Trebeaute™ White Fungus Extract, Bifidobacterium Longum BB536, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Beta Carotene, Stevia Extract, Maltodextrine

Serving instruction:

Mix in 200ml of water, stir till no bubbles before drinking. Best taken 1 hour after dinner. Take 1 sac daily.





  • 甜蜜的睡眠
  • 健康的骨骼和关节
  • 年轻的肌肤


睡眠是人类健康所需并不可缺乏的,就如吃与喝。 没有它我们最终会死亡。 睡眠的品质会因各种社 会心理因素,压力和日常生活所影响;也同样的会 影响人类生活的各个环节。 根据报道:睡眠是通过 自主神经和免疫系统加上内分泌功能,才能发挥 这样重要的健康调节剂。


L-鸟氨酸是一种使人放松的氨基酸,可以帮助我们 消除体内肠道中多余的氨(过量的氨会导致身体 有压迫感)。L-鸟氨酸能让我们睡得更甜美,更有品质。 只要适量的补充 L-鸟氨酸,它具有神奇的功效,能缓解压力和改善与疲劳相关的睡眠问题。

Aquamin F:来自红藻的天然矿质

一种非常特殊的天然矿物质名为 Aquamin F,源自于爱尔兰和冰岛沿岸一带的天然红藻。 研究显示 这类的红藻含有非常丰富的矿物质,特别是钙、镁、钾等以及其他重要的微量元素,而且这类的矿物质能促进维生素的运用,并达到骨骼吸收,保质和成长的完整性。使到我们能拥有健康的骨骼和灵活的关节,经过长时间研究所得到的结论,认为这天然红藻的 AquaminF 矿物质具有抗炎,提供细胞信号和骨骼成长的作用。 研究也显示, Aquamin F 可以减轻膝盖傷硬和关节炎的疼痛。

Trebeaute 白木目握取



  • 胃黏膜修复 - 具有良好的成膜性,可在胃表面外形成薄膜,保护胃黏膜,胃蛋白酶和避免因酒精而受损。
  • 便秘 - 白木耳是促进肠道双歧杆菌生长的良好的因子。双歧杆菌有利于预防便秘。
  • 美颜 - 白木耳通过体外实验显示可以提高角质蛋白和抗氧的活性,同时也降低皮肤细胞的老化,达到抗老的效果。
  • 控制体重 - 白木耳还具有减肥和减少脂肪堆积的作用。