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Professor Blend Coffee (11g x 10s)

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Professor Blend:
  • Colombian Origin
  • 0 Acidic
  • 0 Sugar Added

The coffee bean of Professor Blend is of Colombian origin. Professor Blend is Zero acidic, smooth and emits a bitter-sweet aroma.

It will not cause irritations or anxiety after drinking.

Professor Blend coffee not only refreshes the mind but also promotes metabolic function. 

Have a cup of Professor Blend to kickstart your perfect day.


100% Roasted coffee

Serving instruction:

Take out the coffee bag from the sachet and place inside a mug. Pour 200ml freshly boiled water over coffee bag. Allow to brew for 3-4 minutes. Press and stir the coffee bag to assist infusion for a better coffee quality. Take out the coffee bag,add sugar or milk,stir and ready to drink.


  • 哥伦比亚产地
  • 0 酸性
  • 0 糖分