Gi King 30s (Lazada/Shopee)

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In today's world, unhealthy dietary habits have become pervasive in our lives, leading to issues like constipation and digestive problems that afflict everyone. The paramount role of GI KING is to ameliorate constipation problems by effectively aiding intestinal peristalsis. With the introduction of the all-new Postbiotics in GI KING, it can dynamically regulate the health of the intestines, bolstering our gut's defensive barrier, ultimately enhancing vitality and robustness.

Of particular note are the various digestive enzymes present in GI KING, which facilitate superior nutrient absorption within the human body.

Through the evolutionary progression of probiotics, postbiotics now encompass an array of bioactive substances, accompanied by heightened safety and a more stable shelf life. Upon consumption, postbiotics promptly recalibrate the composition of the digestive tract microbiota, thereby aiding in nutrient absorption and molecular functionality. Most significantly, there are no restrictions on the demographic that can benefit from postbiotics; they are suitable for consumption by anyone.

Key active constituents within Postbiotics:

1. Total Dietary Fiber

2. Isomalto-Oligosaccharides

3. Hyaluronic Acid

4. Amino Acids

5. Polysaccharides

6. β-Glucans

A GI KING after meals marks the initiation of your journey towards Healthy Life.

时至今日,不良的饮食习惯已经充斥着我们的生活,以致便秘和消化问题正困扰着每个人,GI KING 最重要的作用就是能够改善便秘问题,它能很好地帮助肠道蠕动,GI KING 全新后生元能够有效调整肠道的健康,使我们的肠道具备更强大的屏障,人体自然就会感觉比较精神和强壮。最值得一提的就是GI KING里所含的多种消化酵素,能够帮助人体更好地吸收营养哦!



1. 总膳食纤维

2. 异麦芽寡糖

3. 透明质酸

4. 氨基酸

5. 多醣

6. β-葡聚糖

饭后一包GI KING,是您健康的开端